Business Consulting

We recognize that "small" businesses can have "big" business issues without the luxury of time or a large staff. Schlenner Wenner & Co. is here to improve your business performance and offers a broad range of management consulting services. We analyze existing business problems and help you develop plans for improvement. Our objective and expert advice allows the owners or managers to make decisions based on timely, relevant and critical data. We focus on recruiting activities, insurance planning and evaluation, strategic planning and implementation, on-site CFO services, and executive mentoring.

Owners of successful companies often find themselves thinking about the next step. Expansion through acquisition provides opportunities to merge talent and resources. With proper planning, the result is a competitive edge and streamlined overhead. Schlenner Wenner & Co. has the experience and resources to help you make the most practical and informed decisions to ensure continued company growth. We offer:

  • Due Diligence Investigation - to discover whether the business you are merging with has adequately represented itself
  • Entity Selection - to ensure that you receive the most beneficial tax consequences
  • Capital Structure Analysis - to discover how the business finances its operations and growth
  • Cash Flow Analysis - to provide analysis of the businesses cash flows and cash flow needs 
  • Accounting and Tax Issue Reviews - to provide accurate and timely analysis regarding accounting and tax transactions

For more information, please e-mail Steve Schueller at sschueller@swcocpas.comPatrick Plamann at, or Cory Ritter at or call 320.251.0286.