The Perks of Working at Schlenner Wenner

Schlenner Wenner St. Cloud

When people think of accounting, they think of working with numbers. It’s true, working with numbers is a huge part of what accountants do, but accounting firms should focus on more than just the numbers. At Schlenner Wenner, we believe that focusing on people is so important that it is the basis of our company’s motto. This focus, along with the unique perks that our employees receive, is what set us apart from other accounting firms. Here are 5 of the top perks we offer to our employees:

Time Off:

At Schlenner Wenner, we understand that life can get hectic and that there is a need for balance between work and other aspects of life. To accommodate this need we offer flex-time, voluntary time off, and paid time off to create the flexible career that many people need.

Special Appreciation Events:

We host special appreciation events, which include an “After Busy Season” party and a Family Bowling Event in an effort to make work as stress-free as possible. Various celebrations are held throughout the year as well to create the fun atmosphere desirable in a job. Every month we celebrate our employees’ birthdays with trivia and treats, and during Christmas time, we host a party for our employees and their families.

Working at Schlenner Wenner

Paid Expenses:

At Schlenner Wenner, we pay any license fees and professional dues that our employees may have. Once you have found your focus within the accounting field, we encourage you to pursue proper certification in that field and we will pay all expenses that result from pursuing certification.

Intramural Sports:

If health and wellness are things you focus on, then we’ve got you work covered. Schlenner Wenner sponsors intramural basketball, softball, bowling, and volleyball teams in an effort to give our employees a way to stay fit while enjoying some healthy competition with co-workers.


We offer incentives to our employees that exceed expectations. One way we do this is by giving employees that bring new clients to our firm monetary rewards. We also give away weekly prizes to employees that take part in certain company events.

As polled by the St. Cloud Times Media, Schlenner Wenner is the top accounting firm in Central Minnesota. We also have been recognized as one of the top 25 accounting firms in the state. Make sure to check out our website for more information about our company and future career opportunities.