Planning Summer Trips on a Budget

When the heat hits and you feel like your budget is preventing you from packing up and going to the lake, don’t count yourself out just yet. It is possible to take a summer vacation or staycation without draining your bank account and without spending the whole vacation worrying if you are on a trip you can’t afford.

There is plenty of ways to save money while taking a summer trip. Below is a list of ways we think are great money savers and can make your experience just a little more enjoyable!



Look for Weekly Rentals by Owner

Hotels and resorts can be expensive, but to enjoy your vacation, you don’t need someone fluffing your pillow every day.  Choose a place that is rented out by the owner or go for an airbnb option to save money. The remote privacy sometimes makes these options the best places to vacation.


Find a Place with a Kitchen

It is fun to go out to eat when you’re on vacation, but for budget reasons, it’s really not necessary. Find a place with a kitchen and you will save big. There is no need for a five-star meal three times a day. Instead, prepare smaller meals at home for the week. You’ll likely feel more energized for the trip activities since you won’t be eating large meals all day.  


Credit Card

Look for Travel Reward Programs

Credit cards can be scary if you don’t understand their rewards systems or how to properly use them, but if you take the time, the benefits will soon follow. Many credit card companies will partner with airlines to give you miles for the dollars you are already spending on everyday necessities. Plus, many cards offer a signup bonus; if you wait patiently until the right bonus deal comes around, you could end up with most of your trip paid for using just that bonus.


There are plenty of ways to save money on a summer vacation. Saving money on travel, lodging, and food will keep your budget low and take the stress of spending too much. Enjoy your summer trip while knowing you are saving money and making great memories.