Celebrating A Successful ‘Summer Experience’ 2018

Our annual Summer Experience day took place on May 17th and was a huge success!

Here is a look at what the 17 accounting students who participated gained from the experience and how they spent their day at Schlenner Wenner & Co.


10 Key 8.jpg

Job Shadow

A big part of why the Summer Experience is sought after is because of our Job Shadow Program. The accounting students were able to spend some time as a real staff accountant for the day they visited. Doing as much job shadowing as you can is helpful to find a career you really love at Schlenner Wenner & Co.


Scavenger Hunt 2.jpg

Experience the Culture

Spending the day at Schlenner Wenner & Co can really give you insight to the culture we have here! Our environment is a great starting point for those looking to grow their skills and professional career. During the Summer Experience, students participated in an office scavenger hunt to give them the lay of the land and add a little fun in their day! They also thoroughly enjoyed competing in the 10 Key Tournament.


Learn From Staff and Partners

Accounting students heard from our staff and partners about what makes Schlenner Wenner & Co a great place to work! The Summer Experience gives us insight to which students might be interested in applying for our tax and audit internships for January. With this in mind, students had the opportunity to ask questions and learn from our staff about what it is like to work for Schlenner Wenner & Co.


If you missed the Summer Experience, do not worry! We attend multiple career fairs throughout the summer and fall that you can take part in. Email us at careers@swcocpas.com to learn more! If you would like to participate in the next 2019 Summer Experience, apply in September here.