Interview Credentials: What Schlenner Wenner looks for When We are Hiring

Interview Credentials: What Schlenner Wenner looks for When We are Hiring

Whether you’re fresh out of college looking for your first position, or 20 years into the workforce and looking for a career change, “getting the job” isn’t always as easy as it seems. We compiled a few of the attributes we look for in potential employees at Schlenner Wenner.

We Have. We Will.

Schlenner Wenner & Co. has offered high-quality accounting services to Central Minnesota for the last 50 years, and we are committed to bringing the same quality service for the next 50 years. Starting out as a single tax focused firm in 1964, we have expanded our services as well as grown our geographical reach in Minnesota. Today, we are one of the 25 largest accounting firms in Minnesota. We believe in helping the community and helping our clients.

Saint Cloud has been our home from the beginning and we have embraced our new locations with the same homage as we have in Saint Cloud. Therefore, whether you are looking for assistance in Monticello or in Saint Cloud we will treat you with the same respect and the same quality work.

Since James Schlenner and Michael Wenner joined the firm in and became partners in 1985, they have welcomed other highly qualified partners. Becoming a partner in the firm means that they have an investment in the company. Partners want to ensure the success of the firm, by providing the best service they possibly can to their clients. Because of this, you never have to worry about the quality of work we provide. We treat each case as if it were our own.

Our next generation of accountants (managers) work hard to learn the ins and outs of being high-performing accountants. Our partners teach our managers their knowledge so that they can carry out the same level of professional experience when they become partners. The next 50 years of Schlenner Wenner & Co. will be held to the same standard as the past 50 years has been held to, with exception to the increased knowledge and experience gained along the way.