Litigation Support

When financial, accounting, valuation and investigative issues are involved in litigation, it is important that they be presented in a clear, organized and accurate manner. The disclosure of information and the way it is presented can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing a case. This is where our litigation support team can be of assistance. We can serve as experts and consultants providing educated, objective opinions based on many years of experience and technical knowledge.

With decades of experience, we successfully:

  • Assist legal counsel in determining necessary and important discovery documents.
  • Evaluate the opposing expert witness and work product.
  • Assist legal counsel in prioritizing case strategies relative to probable damage areas and amounts.
  • Assist legal counsel in developing lists of questions to ask opposing expert witnesses.

 Also, with an increasing number of disputes being resolved outside the courtroom, our professionals have played important roles in the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process. Bringing our professionals into the process early saves time and professional fees reducing the client’s financial burden. A client in the preliminary stages of a dispute may want to discuss valuation, tax and other financial consequences of various settlement options with our professional team to gain realistic understanding of the situation.

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