Dahlheimer Beverage, LLC

In business for 50 years, Dahlheimer Beverage, LLC began their distribution history with two of Minnesota’s oldest brewing companies, Grain Belt and Gluek’s. In phases, always looking to expand their product line and distribution reach, they branched out into Coor’s, Schlitz, and Stroh’s to where they now stand with 170 different labels and a distribution reach of 11 counties. With such amazing growth and perfected operation systems, Dahlheimer has received the Coor’s “Presidents Award” for national distributor of the year for the second time. Continuing to win awards, the Dahlheimer team continually looks to the future and what that means to the company in regards to distribution channels and product lines.

With this foresight in constant focus, Dahlheimer has continued its partnership with Schlenner Wenner & Co. for the past 25 years, back to the days of James and Gruber before the two merged. CPA Cory Ritter has provided for Dahlheimer a great wealth of services in cash flow management as well as consulting assistance by walking through the processes step by step in past acquisitions and other financial matters. In the next 50 years, who knows what kind of achievements and expansions Dahleimer Beverage will see, but Cory and Schlenner Wenner & Co. will be right alongside, providing the same great knowledge and service they have in the past that has kept this partnership together and so strong.

“A lot of last minute requests come in from suppliers and sometimes you have to make decisions as fast as possible. Schlenner Wenner & Co. is very cooperative in getting the information we need in order to make proper decisions.” – Greg Dahlheimer, Dahlheimer Beverage, LLC

For more information about Dahlheimer Beverage, please go to www.dahlh.com/

DJ Products

Beginning as a hobby, in 1996 Joe Berg designed his first motorized shopping cart pusher, and began the company DJ Products. The company has gone on to increase their product offering and grown exponentially by continually searching for new amenities and creating modern designs to increase the benefits and lower the physical strain of manual labor to its customers. Through a great deal of dedication to the business, DJ Products has seen tremendous growth in the industry and maintains their existing customers as well as establishing new ones with exceptional pre- and post-sale service. With this growth, DJ Products has found a lasting and valuable partnership with Schlenner Wenner, working alongside to create a strong organization that provides exceptional quality to its customers.

Brian Mackinac has provided consultation and guided the company through a number of financial situations and opportunities, assisting with tax returns and also in performing simple audit procedures in an effort to fix problem areas and maximize company profit. The extensive knowledge and wide range of experience of Brian and fellow team members at Schlenner Wenner & Co.is something that Joe and his employees see in themselves and has created a very special relationship built on hard work, knowledge, and trust. These values and principles have kept Brian and DJ Products together and will continue into the future with whatever comes their way. 

“They’ve been, from a service point of view, very quick to get answers. If they don’t know the answer, they will find it.” – Joe Berg, DJ Products

For more information about DJ Products, please go to www.djproducts.com

Executive Express

Executive Express was started by Tom Schlough, CEO of Park Industries in 1979. Larry Logeman purchased Executive Express in March of 2005. Larry has known Jim Schlenner and Schlenner Wenner & Co. for over 20 years from serving on the Downtown St. Cloud SERTOMA club. “Before I purchased Executive Express I was looking to buy a business. I went to Jim to help me come up with proper values of existing businesses I was looking at.  As a Business Valuation expert he was a tremendous resource during this time.” Prior to working with Schlenner Wenner & Co. Larry had the typical preconceived notion of an accounting firm with lots of cubicles and number crunchers.

After working with Jim for the first year, he assigned me to Cory Ritter. This has turned out to be much better than expected. At first I was disappointed that Jim was choosing not to work with me anymore. I now know that it was just the opposite. Jim, in his wisdom knew that Cory would be able to spend more time with me and really get to know my business. After 6 years of working with Cory, I feel I can trust my entire business to him. My wife who is not involved in the business, feels comforted that Cory is involved as an advisor. She trusts Cory and the firm. This is very important to me. I consider that Cory is my best advisor my business can have. He almost feels like a partner in my business. He has helped in meetings with my bank as well as meetings on business expansions.

In the fall of 2011 I had an opportunity to bid on a large contract that would have tripled my business. We only had a few weeks to put the bid together. Cory went above and beyond is assisting me on this. I would not have had the confidence to pursue this is Cory was not my accountant.

Schlenner Wenner and Co is a very professional firm with vast knowledge and great people. The St. Cloud office building is very impressive. We have been blessed to use the training room of this new building for our annual all-staff meetings. This is a great perk for us as it makes all of our employees feel we are special. Instead of having a meeting in a “garage” it is held in a state-of-the-art training room with all the technology we need.

Larry sites the three biggest benefits of working with Schlenner Wenner & Co. are their business knowledge that can help my business as an advisor, their tax expertise and the use of their meeting rooms for trainings and interviews. When asked what he would say to someone about Schlenner Wenner & Co. Larry said, “They are essential to have in your corner if you are thinking of going into business for yourself.” – Larry Logeman, Owner/President of Executive Express

For more information about Executive Express, please go to www.executiveexpress.biz

Functional Industries, Inc.

Functional Industries is a private nonprofit organization that provides job placement, career planning, residential housing and other vocational services. For more than forty years, Functional Industries has developed employee potential and helped employers achieve their goals. President & CEO Rod Pederson is nothing but satisfied with his 15 plus years of experience working with Schlenner Wenner & Co.

“During my 35 year career I’ve had the occasion to have worked with a variety of accountants… the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, I have also had the opportunity to have worked with accountants that I quickly grew to respect and trust. The accountants from Schlenner Wenner & Co. are right at the top of this very short list!”

Prior to working with Schlenner Wenner & Co., Rod thought all accountants were “stuffy”; if we have to have an annual audit they probably would be as good as anyone else. That perception has changed and Rod knows that Schlenner Wenner & Co. is widely recognized as a leader in the field of not-for-profit accounting. They have a thorough understanding of our industry and each year they apply state-of-the art accounting practices. 

Schlenner Wenner & Co. is recognized in the communities it serves in many ways, as a provider of quality accounting services, as a knowledgeable consulting firm, and as a leading corporate citizen. They are respected as a company with great integrity and vision. The relationship Functional Industries, Inc. has with Schlenner Wenner & Co. is built on mutual respect and trust. “They know our industry. They know us. And they listen.” Rod Pederson, President & CEO Functional Industries, Inc.

To learn more about Funtional Industries, visit their website at www.functionalindustries.org

Hilmerson R.V.

With an increasing growth in the Recreational Vehicle industry over the years as airline travel and lodging costs increase, Hilmerson R.V. has seen a lot of changes in their company and industry. Located in Little Falls, MN since 1983 and started by husband and wife duo Jim and Linda, Hilmerson R.V. began as Hilmerson Motors. In the early days, they sold cars, trucks and used RVs from a small 12 x 16 office with a service center attached to the side. After the first decade, the Hilmersons decided to venture into the new RV market and it came with an explosion, selling four to five times the number of RVs each month that they had done previously. Well, of course with this kind of increased attention and sales, the company found the need for expansion and moved onto a 12-acre plot of land that houses their new 45,000 square foot facility. Throughout the years, the Hilmersons have added to their service line and opened up Hilmerson Sports Center - which sells and services ATVs, watercrafts, snowmobiles, and motorcycles, as well as multiple auto parts facilities and a Collision Center. With the increased expansion and spread of the Hilmerson family approach to transportation sales, came a variety of financial pitfalls, obstacles and questions.

Hilmerson’s partnership with Schlenner Wenner has been a driving force in the success that they have come to know today. By their side since the early ‘90s, Steve Schueller and Brian Mackinac have assisted the Hilmersons in a number of routine counseling services, provided exemplary answers to some of the questions that have come from company expansion and new venture exploration, as well as sat side by side during the dreaded standard company audit, putting all worries and fears at ease. This comfort that Steve, Brian and Schlenner Wenner & Co. have provided the Hilmersons with has earned them the recognition as family and will only continue to grow in the future as they always look for new opportunities.

“The Schlenner Wenner Accounting team is like family to us, we can call anytime we need to and they are right here if we have any questions from business to setting up of corporations, or tax questions and so on. The rock of our business success is Schlenner Wenner & Co.” –Jim Hilmerson, Hilmerson R.V.

For more information about Hilmerson R.V., please go to www.hilmersonrv.com

Karlsburger Foods

Karlsburger Foods was founded in 1956 by Frank Cserpes. Originally they manufactured chicken, beef and ham soup bases to be sold to the restaurant industry. Today they manufacture over 250 items ranging from soup bases, sauces, seasonings and gravies. In addition to restaurants they also service casinos, schools, manufacturers, healthcare accounts and hunger relief accounts. They service all of the continental United States. 

As Karlsburger Foods began to have success nationally they realized that their long time accounting firm did not have the resources to assist them with tax laws in other states. So they began a search for a new firm and interviewed three major accounting firms. They chose Schlenner Wenner & Co. because they had the resources of a large accounting firm and the friendly service level of a small regional accounting firm. Another deciding factor in choosing Schlenner Wenner & Co. was that they have experience with both manufacturing and distribution companies.

“We find that when working with Schlenner Wenner & Co. they are easy to get a hold of and provide quick turnaround time when we call into their office. Everyone from Nancy at the front desk to the major Partners know who we are and are quick to provide help. Cory and Mark have become business friends that provide a great service. Their expertise has helped us grow our company even in the difficult economy of the past three years. I would highly recommend Schlenner Wenner & Co., they are professional yet friendly and really care about the long term success of our business.” – Michael Maher, President & CEO Karlsburger Foods

For more information on Karlsburger Foods, please visit their website at www.karlsburger.com

Primary Benefits, Inc.

Primary Benefits, Inc. began operating in 1994 with husband and wife John and Deb Holthaus at the helm. The two began by selling life insurance products to individuals and quickly looked for expansion in the marketplace. Throughout the years, the company has evolved into an employee benefit provider and has seen some significant changes. These changes have occurred in employee and sales growth as well as increased awareness in the benefit and local business community. The Primary Benefits philosophy has always been to aim for maximization of the employer’s benefits based on the dollar willing to be spent and they strive to stay up to date in all aspects of the business in order to offer the best product and service possible to its customers. As in many fields, government policies and guidelines have a large impact in the types of products available and the rates at which the companies charge, controlling a large portion of the company’s options.

With all the many changes over the years, one thing has remained constant and that is Primary Benefits’ relationship with Schlenner Wenner & Co. The partnership began with the Holthauses and the CPA firm James & Gruber years ago and after the merger between J & G and Schlenner Wenner & Co., the relationship continued. Dick Gruber has been the company’s accountant, consultant and advocate for the entire time and that relationship has been very welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed by the Holthauses the entire time. Throughout the years, Dick has been an integral part of the success of Primary Benefits, offering service and support in a number of fields from consulting to tax return preparation to updating company on tax law changes. New regulations will come and go, and Dick Gruber and Schlenner Wenner & Co. will be right by their side offering assistance and walking through matters step by step.

“Schlenner Wenner & Co. is a big part of the success of our business and they have kept us in line with the information that we need…without that information, it would have been very difficult to stay current.” – John Holthaus, Primary Benefits, Inc.

For more information about Primary Benefits, Inc., please go to www.primarybenefitservices.com

Sand Companies, Inc.

With over 50 years of experience, Leo M. Sand and another partner created Sand Companies, Inc. in 1991. What started as a small real estate company has over the years become a fully integrated property design, construction and management provider through the acquisition of a number of key elements and integration into other related industries. Through a vertically integrated system, Sand Companies of Waite Park, MN has completed more than 100 projects that service local communities throughout 13 different states and is today well-positioned to experience continued success and growth for years to come.

Alongside Sand Companies since the company’s beginning, Schlenner Wenner & Co. have continually assisted SCI with its business growth and development. From the earliest stages of the company through today and into the future, they have together seen a great number of acquisitions and investment opportunities. Not only providing the “once-a-year” tax assistance, Schlenner Wenner has helped SCI to also develop internal controls, company valuations and provided personal and corporate tax planning. This assistance and input has been a valuable tool to help SCI make better business decisions.

The real estate market is evolving and will always see peaks and drops and new technologies that will emerge every minute. This partnership keeps those realities at the forefront of their minds in an effort to best plan their present actions for the future’s prosperity.

“[We’ve] found that Schlenner Wenner takes the time to know and learn about a client’s business. They go beyond the numbers of a business by making an asserted effort to understand its overall goals and opportunities.” - Jamie Thelen, CEO of Sand Companies

For more information about Sand Companies, Inc., please go to www.sandcompanies.com